IRC Notes for Client IRSSI

Basic Tasks

Command Description
irssi Start application
/connect Connect to Server
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> Optional/if password-protected
/join #debian-cd Join Channel
/me ... Do instead of Say
/away ... Set away status
/away Resume from away status
/part ... Leave with message
/disconnect ... Like part + leave server
/quit ... Like disconnect + quite application

Other Actions

[ALT]-[1], [ALT]-[2], … Switch between “windows” e.g. queries and channels
/window close Close window
/ /text Escape slash (says /text)
/who Lists all nicks on channel
/whois ... Checks status of specific user

Username Registration

Config file ~/.irssi/config

/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email> Set Password
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> Perform Login
/query NickServ Display status

Registering on does not send an e-mail (at least did not send to me…)

Configuration Settings

Configure time zone to be UTC

Two options exist:

TZ=UTC irssi
/script exec $ENV{'TZ'}='UTC'

Use $$ENV instead of $ENV to add to ~/.irssi/startup config file.

Configure Timestamp to show Seconds

/format timestamp {timestamp %%H:%%M:%%S} 

Configure join/leave Messages to appear in grey on black

From Copy /usr/share/irssi/themes/default.theme to ~/.irssi/default.theme then edit settings as follows:

channick_hilight = "%K$*%K";
chanhost_hilight = "{nickhost %K$*%K}";
channick = "%K$*%K";
chanhost = "{nickhost %K$*}";

See Also Website 5 (1.0.2) – no Flash, no JavaScript, no Webfont, no Copy Protection, no Mobile First. No bullshit. No GUI needed. Works with any browser.

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