“New File” Templates

Template Files

This package provides a set of files that can be used to create “new” files of the same type. The following files are noteworthy templates:

latex_document.tex For regular texts
latex_presentation.tex For beamer presentations
xhtml_1_page.xhtml XHTML 1.0 webpage template
svg_file.svg SVG empty image
empty_file Empty file (general purpose, new text file etc.)

Additionally, there are some files to be used in conjunction with other content. build_*.xml files instantiate masysmaci/build(32) and is related to scrapbook_overview from shellscripts(32).

build_file.xml Template build.xml to compile programs/documents
build_package.xml Template build.xml to generate a package Create configuration for scrapbook_overview

If d5man2(32) is installed, template becomes available to create empty D5Man 2 pages.

Script ma_new_file


ma_new_file – select template file to copy to current working directory




Interactively displays the list of available template files and allows the user to select one of the files. After pressing [ENTER], the selected file is copied to the present working directory.


Here is an example output. If [ENTER] is pressed at this time, template empty_file is copied to the present working directory.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template File Selector, Copyright (c) 2012
 For further info send an e-mail to

[j] and [k] to select, [enter] or [l] to accept, [h] or [q] to abort.

 ) build_file.xml
 ) build_package.xml
 ) empty_dir
*) empty_file
 ) latex_document.tex
 ) latex_presentation.tex
 ) svg_file.svg
 ) xhtml_1_page.xhtml

ma_new_file integrates well into terminal-based file management applications like vifm. If conf-cli(32) is used, shortcut ön is mapped to ma_new_file in vifm.


License Information Templates are newly licensed under CC0-1.0 to make sure that the templates can be freely used to create documents under any license of the respective author’s choice.

See /usr/share/common-licenses/CC0-1.0 on any Debian system or Website 5 (1.0.2) – no Flash, no JavaScript, no Webfont, no Copy Protection, no Mobile First. No bullshit. No GUI needed. Works with any browser.

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