bin2bmp – Convert binary files to bitmaps for visual inspection


bin2bmp <-i INPUT-FILE> [-w WIDTH] [-o OUTPUT-FILE] [-d DEPTH]
    [-v] [-r] [-t] [-T]


This script converts arbitrary files to bitmap images by encoding the binary data in the pixel values. This can be used for visual inspection of small and medium-sized (up to a few megabytes) files. Additionally, it is possible to reverse the encoding by means of the -r option.

Technically, larger files will work, too. Although there does not seem to be a good usecase for it, check section Issues with Large Files if interested.


-i INPUT-FILE Input filename (required)
-w WIDTH Width of output image (default is 1200)
-o OUTPUT-FILE Output filename (default is input_filename.png)
-d DEPTH Set color depth (24 default, 32 also possible)
-v   Display version and license information
-r   Restore input file a to binary file
-t   Write TGA instead of PNG images
-T   Write TIFF instead of PNG images


Display the source code as image

./bin2bmp -i bin2bmp -w 60 -o bin2bmp.png

Result of invoking the example command


Issues with Large Files


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