Spectrwm Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Internal name Description
M-Space cycle_layout Cycle layout.
M-S-+ flip_layout Swap the master and stacking areas.
M-S-Space stack_reset Reset layout.
M-h master_shrink Shrink master area.
M-l master_grow Grow master area.
M-, master_add Add windows to master area.
M-. master_del Remove windows from master area.
M-S-, stack_inc Add columns/rows to stacking area.
M-S-. stack_dec Remove columns/rows from stacking area.
M-Return swap_main Move current window to master area.
M-j, M-TAB focus_next Focus next window in workspace.
M-k, M-S-TAB focus_prev Focus previous window in workspace.
M-m focus_main Focus on main window in workspace.
M-S-j swap_next Swap with next window in workspace.
M-S-k swap_prev Swap with previous window in workspace.
M-x wind_del Delete current window in workspace.
M-S-x wind_kill Destroy current window in workspace.
M-n ws_n Switch to workspace n
M-S-n mvws_n Move current window to workspace n
M-Right ws_next Switch to next workspace with a window
M-Left ws_prev Switch to previous workspace w/ window
M-Up ws_next_all Switch to next workspace.
M-Down ws_prev_all Switch to previous workspace.
M-a ws_prior Switch to last visited workspace.
M-S-Right screen_next Move pointer to next region.
M-S-Left screen_prev Move pointer to previous region.
M-t float_toggle Toggle window between tiled and floating
M-S-Delete lock Lock screen
M-w iconify Minimize window.
M-S-w uniconify window returned by dmenu selection
M-S-r always_raise Allow tiled wnd to obscure floating wnd
M-0 width_shrink Shrink the width of a floating window.
M-? width_grow Grow the width of a floating window.
M-S-0 height_shrink Shrink the height of a floating window.
M-S-? height_grow Grow the height of a floating window.
M-o move_left Move floating window to the left.
M-p move_right Move floating window to the right.
M-S-o move_up Move floating window upwards.
M-S-p move_down Move floating window downwards.
Shortcut Internal name Description
M-S-q quit Quit spectrwm.
M-q restart Restart spectrwm.
M-b bar_toggle Toggle status bar in all workspaces.
M-S-v version Toggle version in status bar.
M-S-i initscr Reinitialize physical screens
M-S+- name_workspace Name the current workspace.
M+- search_workspace Search for a workspace.
M-f search_win Search the windows in the current wkrsp.
Shortcut Internal name Description
M-p menu Menu
M-s screenshot_all Take screenshot of entire screen
M-S-s screenshot_wind Take screenshot of selected window
M-v button2 Fake a middle mouse button click

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