Programming Fonts – Nine Fonts Compared


The best programming font I have come across so far is Terminus. I use it for everything except printed documents.

Unfortunately, there are at least the following shortcomings of Terminus:

Hence, from time to time, there is need for some TTF/vector font instead. Given that there are tons of other programming fonts it should not be hard to find a proper substitute except it seems incredibly hard to get the details right. Maybe I am just too much used to Terminus.

The screenshots on this page were created using theme Night, font size 16 and the C code from on the following page: The exception is Monoid which has been tested at font size 15 because 16 was very wide.

Disclaimer: I collected the fonts I liked most here, but your preferences might be different. I suggest browsing and trying it with some code of yours and a theme that looks similar to the one you are normally using.

The following table compiles a list of fonts that look OK. None can beat Terminus so far, but some come pretty close and might be chosen if at any future time, venerable bitmap fonts are banned from ever more modern applications and displays.

Font Samples

ConsolaMono Fairfax HD Fifteen
Monoid mononoki Iosevka
PT Mono Share Tech Mono Terminus (bitmap version!)

Note that you do not get the bitmap Terminus on by default. I downloaded a HTML variant of the page and edited it by hand to replace the (vector-based) web font with the system-installed one to make the comparison screenshot.


OFL := SIL Open Font License, Other := See linked homepage

Name License Homepage
ConsolaMono OFL
Fairfax HD OFL
Fifteen OFL
Monoid OFL/Expat
mononoki OFL
Iosevka OFL
PT Mono Other
Share Tech Mono OFL
Terminus OFL http://

A subset of the fonts is available in Debian:

Name Debian Package
Monoid fonts-monoid
mononoki fonts-mononoki
Terminus xfonts-terminus
PT Mono texlife-fonts-extra


So far, I like the following ones best:

Here are my main criteria for distinguishing the good ones from the better ones:

Some Non-Terminus Favorites at Random Dates

2021-10-10 Share Tech Mono
2022-01-12 PT Mono (for practical reasons, see below)

Fonts and UTF-8-Art

This section was added 2022-01-12.

║ TEST   ║
║ BOX    ║

=> From an ASCII-art-compatibility point of view one should select one of Fairfax HD, PT Mono, Iosevka or Terminus.

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