MDVL VIFM Extension Scripts


This package provides scripts to extend the capabilities of the VIFM file manager (or any configurable console-based file manager) by a mounting faciltiy. It is intended to be used togehter with the configuration provided in package mdvl-conf-cli, see conf-cli(32).

WARNING: Sudo Configuration Included

This package includes a sudoers configuration allowing user linux-fan to run the ma_mount command which makes the mount command available to a user. Beware that this reduces system security.


This script creates a dialog-based selection menu of devices available for mounting. It filters out any device that is either in /proc/mdstat or already mounted as a safety measure against accidentally mounting a system volume.

Screenshot of the mounting dialog

After obtaining the device selection from the user, the script invokes ma_mount for the actual mount process.

Script ma_mount

Most Desktop Environments provide convenient means to mount any device. Unfortunately, when using a window manager only, this feature is sometimes unreliable due to missing session or background daemons. In the past, release updates repreatedly “destroyed” what was before a working mount command to be used by regular users.

Due to that situation, script ma_mount was created to solve the issue by the “sledgehammer approach” of allowing users to mount devices with sudo.

Instead of giving users access to mount via sudo directly, the script has some additional sanity checks to avoid malicious bind mounts that could effectively give users root access. Note that these measures are most likely insufficient against a sophisticated adversary who analyzes the script thoroughly.

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