Running Megasync on armhf using Docker

What is this?

Using the image presented here, you can synchronize files with Mega using a Docker container on an ARM device.

Note that this container uses Mega’s GUI version. For most automation purposes, it might be advisable to use Mega’s commandline client instead. IIRC, at the time of creating this container, the commandline client was not available yet. See

Getting Started

Obtian the scripts from Github as follows:

git clone

The image armhf/masysmalocal/megasync may then be built on an amd64 host sytsem using make build.

You can run it as follows:

docker run --restart=unless-stopped -d -p \
            -v ...:/fs/backup \
            -v ...:/home/linux-fan/.local/share/data \

Volumes are as follows:

Map the directory to be synced to this node.
Map a directory to contain the Megasync configuration to this one.

For successful read/write access from inside and outside the container, the files from the shared volumes should belong to user and group with ID 1024. If you want to use a different ID, change the Dockerfile accordingly and rebuild the image.

In order to graphically interact with the client, connect via VNC like this:

vncviewer localhost:0

For amd64 Systems

It seems the ARM version is stuck at Debian Buster, hence the Debian Bullseye variant is only available as a separate Dockerfile for amd64 systems. Build it with make build_amd64 and run it just like the armhf variant except for leaving out the prefix armhf/ in the image name.

About the Upgrader

A binary version of mdvl-trival-automatic-update is supplied as part of this repository. It is installed inside the container as to keep a 24/7-running container up to date automatically. Check trivial_automatic_update(32) for further details including a link to the package’s source code repository.

Note that directory old contains an old version which is suitable to be used with Debian Bullseye and earlier. The new version (1.1.3 onwards) uses the new style format for security upgrades.

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