Load Monitor


maloadmon – Display load average figures and uptimes continuously.


maloadmon [delay_sec]


The load monitor uses terminal colors to indicate different load averages over time. By default, it prints one triplet every minute. Once the screen is full, a line indicating the current uptime is printed.

It is intended to be used in case of long-running computations to check that if the machine is evenly loaded or as expected. The non-interactive and lightweight design makes this program also a good choice for a monitor to run on one of the virtual terminals.

Note that while it captures certain workloads, load averages are not suited as a comprehensive monitoring facility.

maloadmon Screenshot with delay_sec=5 on a lowly loaded Laptop

Configures the delay between updates (default: 60sec).

Order of colors is as follows (t is for “thin”):

gray < tblue < blue < tcyan < cyan < tyellow < yellow < tmangentha < mangentha < tred < red


Compile the program as follows:

$ ant

Build a Debian package (having the necessary dependencies for package creation installed) as follows:

$ ant package Website 5 (1.0.2) – no Flash, no JavaScript, no Webfont, no Copy Protection, no Mobile First. No bullshit. No GUI needed. Works with any browser.

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