SiteCopy Low-Level Wrapper Script


ma_sitecopy – SiteCopy Low-Level Wrapper Script


ma_sitecopy -mu USER -ms SERVER -md DIR [-mr REMOTE-DIR] [-mt STATE]
                        [-so "K V"] [--] [SCO]


This script wraps around the sitecopy command in order to provide a configuration-file-less interface to said command. The script generates a temporary configuration file, invokes sitecopy and deletes the temporary configuration afterwards.

As a low-level wrapper, it does not work around the differences of INIT and UPDATE operations. To allow INITs, it provides a means to add user-specified options directly to the sitecopy invocation s. t. an INIT operation can be performed.

This was originally developed as part of d5man/legacy(32) for uploading exported websites. It still does this job, but for separation of concerns is not included in the new d5man2(32) repository.

ma_sitecopy is intended to be part of an interactive upload workflow and thus asks for a password to be provided via stdin. For automation, the password can of course also be supplied through a pipeline.


-mu USER login username
-ms SERVER server address
-md DIR local source directory
-mr REMOTE-DIR remote destination directory
-mt STATE local state file
-so K V any number of site rcfile options
--   marks end of options for this wrapper script
SCO   any number and format of direct sitecopy-options


Example for first-time invocation (INIT)

ma_sitecopy -mu masysma -ms -md ".../mawebsite5" \
    -mr html -mt ".../sitecopy_state.xml" -so "state checksum" -- -i

Example for subsequent invocation (UPDATE)

ma_sitecopy -mu masysma -ms -md ".../mawebsite5" \
    -mr html -mt ".../sitecopy_state.xml" -so "state checksum" -- -u

See Also

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